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PositiveOverall Review

SLS, short for SwingLifeStyle, is a well-known platform for swingers, boasting a massive user base of 16 million individuals worldwide. It's one of the largest communities of swingers seeking various sexual encounters, from threesomes to full-blown orgies. The main focus of joining this platform is to find hookups anywhere you are at any time.

What makes SLS so loved?

  • An expansive amount of active users from all around the world. There are an estimated 16 million created profiles with an average of 5,000 members online at any time.
  • Known as the most detailed platform for finding swinger events near you and anywhere worldwide. This is even a feature available for free members and also the best chance free members can get to find a hookup.
  • The paid membership is extremely affordable with pricing as low as $5.83 a month!
  • If you are a premium member, you have the ability to 'certify' other members to show their credibility. As a free member you can get certified by premium members only.

PositiveSigning Up On SwingLifestyle

Noticeably one of the easier registration processes out of the top swinger dating sites. Decide on a catchy username and provide your details and intentions. While uploading photos isn't mandatory, it's recommended since it can increase your chances of finding a match. Once you verify your email, you're ready to go! SLS does have a strict policy about mentioning any other ways to communicate outside of the site on your profile. Doing this will get your account automatically banned.

After creating your profile, you'll be able to receive messages from other users, but you'll need to upgrade your account to send messages. Additionally, there's a chatroom where you can meet new people. To maximize your chances of finding a partner, it's advisable to fill out your profile in detail and upgrade your account as soon as possible to ensure your messages don't go unnoticed.

PositiveFree Membership Features

While there are quite a few alternative swinger dating sites that allow free members more freedom, (say that 5 times fast) there is still a lot you can get out of the SLS site for free. Unlike those alternative sites, you are able to view everyone's profile picture. At least the profiles that aren't set to private. As a free user, you are limited to viewing only 50 profiles per day and 5 emails per day.

PositivePaid Membership Pricing Guide & Features

It is still a shock to many new users of the platform to how cheap the memberships are and what you get with them. Understandably, the 1 month membership isn't the best budget-friendly deal at $19.95, but that's why you commit to a little more in the beginning. Using the platform's premium features for 6 months will cost you $49.95, which comes out to less than $9 a month.

But, here is where this platform really gets ya, for a whole year, you can pay $69.95 and be set for all 365 days of the year. This is $5.83 per month! That's cheaper than any other platform out there. BUT, it gets better! For $149 (the price for an average 1-night hotel stay) you get to use the premium features for a lifetime. How can you pass that up!?

There may not be a long list of premium features, but the couple of things that you are given access to are why a premium membership is so worth it. Hiding your profile from free member searches will help you weed out the 'time-wasters' and spend more time chatting with the more serious thrill-seekers. There is nothing stopping you from sending a message to a free member, but getting a response is very unlikely.

Another necessary feature is the ability to access a user's private gallery. Uploading and viewing nude or censored photos is a feature only available to paid members. To protect the website and its legitimate users from unwanted individuals and fraudulent activity, free users' profile pictures are blurred. Although the authenticity of emails cannot be guaranteed, SwingLifestyle's team reviews profile pictures to detect potential scams. Since most swingers are genuine, it is easy for users to identify fake accounts using the "Account View" tab. As a result, paid accounts are likely to be verified and authentic.

The Wall

This is a feature similar to a social media timeline where you can post and share your thoughts.

Hot Date

The best place to find all of the local meetups and happenings close to you. Other members can display that they are attending this event. As a premium member, you can strike up conversations with the users before and after attending events. You are also given the opportunity to just single yourself as an event and other local members can view which time and day you are available.


Any member can access this feature. Search and find the hot spots in your city, or even a city you plan on visiting soon. You will have access to these forums as a free member, but cannot post or chat.


Similar to the 'clubs' feature but only accessible to premium members. Here you will find more private events held by other members. These could be house parties, excursions, or even private clubs.

Topless Travel

You can access the page here: Topless Travel, which belongs to SLS and is a separate website. You will get very detailed information on every event hosted by SLS. From cruises to resort takeovers, there is a new theme every month. The events are welcome to newbies and seasoned swingers.

PositiveSwingers Dating Club Drawbacks

Despite the many accessible features, a few things are lacking with the SLS platform. Since this is a worldwide swingers site, finding local events and hookups within a few miles is not likely if you are in a small town. A drastic drawback is the fact that there is no video chat feature. This tends to take the porn design down a few levels, making it more of a social community platform.

PositiveFinal Thoughts

Whether you're single or partnered up, registering with this site can help you fulfill your desires for sexual relationships and love. SwingLifeStyle provides a comparable experience to adult dating sites, with advanced features such as instant messaging, hot dates, and forums that can help you find the perfect match in no time.

If you're still not convinced, you can sign up for a free membership on the website and explore the amazing features. It's bound to entice you to upgrade to a premium membership and live life as a swinger.

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