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Better known as, Swingers Dating Club has been building the largest online and offline swinger community since 1996. The platform is all about welcoming every and any sexual desire and fantasy to come and play. With local groups and events to worldwide traveling adventures, there is a tantalizing activity on and off the page of SDC. For couples, singles, trans, bi, poly, and the like, it wouldn't hurt to take advantage of the free-trial SDC has to offer.

What makes SDC so loved?

  • The social presence that SDC makes in every location of their users both online and offline. There are many resources to find events, groups, and gatherings for swingers local to you.
  • A 7-day free trial gives you access to all of the premium membership features (with a few partial features like webcam chatrooms. You are only able to read chats during your trial period)
  • Catering to 'voyeurism' is taken to a whole new level. You are able to add yourself to a sex party guest list and wait your turn to view a hot couple in action.
  • Premium members are able to 'validate' other users after interacting with them in real life. It's a good feature to have if you get skeptical about profiles that look suspicious.

PositiveSigning Up On SDC(Swingers Dating Club)

The typical information to start your account is needed. Email address, a catchy username and a password. Confirm your identity and verify your account with the email address you provided. Depending on the type of account you registered with, single or couple, will have different profile setups. For couple accounts, there will be two separate spots for each member to input their preferences and attributes.

Many members suggest just going straight for the premium membership and skip the free 7-day trial. This is entirely up to you.

Profile Setup

The initial process to get your account up and running is fairly simply. You will need to take some time in order to fully complete your profile. Any photos you upload to your profile will need to go through approval by the admin before they are viewable on your page.

Filling out your profile completely includes adding information and preferences. Choices like soft or full swapping, experience, what you are comfortable doing, what you aren't into, and writing a descriptive bio.

Once you verify your account through the email you provided, you are all set up and ready to go!

Available Features on the Main Page


This is where you can chat with members currently online, access webcams, and even instant message other users. You are also given a look into who has looked at your profile.


Pretty much your main go-to tab. You are able to use filters, see who is currently online, flip through some blog content, and save your spot at upcoming parties and swinger events. This is also the tab where you can validate other users or request validation from another member.


You will find all of the latest events and information on the world's top swinger spots.

PositiveFree Membership Featuresy

With SDC you get quite a few more features as a free member than most swinger sites. You can participate in speed-dating events, join groups, and showcase yourself with a photo or video on the pages 'highlights' section. Other fun features like viewing the voyeurism cam and watching other couples at play, posting blog content, and even planning your swinger excursions on the SDC Travel calendar. A particular feature that isn't available on other swinger sites is the ability to add a second location on your profile.

Positive7-Day Free Trial Features

Who doesn't love free trials? Some SDC members have boasted about their success in just those 7 days. During this time you have access to the following:

  • Contact other members
  • Update or change your profile information
  • Webcam chatrooms (limited to reading chats only)
  • Receive validation from other members (limited and not able to validate other members yourself)
  • See all profiles (limited to only the first picture)
  • Use the instant messaging services (limited to receiving messages only)
  • Access to the swingers blogs (limited to read only)
  • View other members 'services' they offer

Premium membership features you will not have access to during your 7-day free trial:

  • Speed dating
  • Add yourself to party guest lists
  • Join the SDC communities
  • Add travel plans to the SDC travel calendar
  • Use the invitation program to invite new members
  • Add yourself to the photo/video spotlight
  • Add your photo to the SDC login pag
  • Voyeur cam
  • Add a second location to your profile
  • Participate in contests
  • Receive travel alerts

PositivePaid Membership Pricing Guide & Features

The membership pricing is broken down into 2 categories. One for singles and one for couples. There are 1, 3, and 6 month memberships, an annual membership, or choose the lifetime membership for $250. Pricing is between $13 and $22 a month for couples and $15 to $30 for single memberships.

With a paid membership you are able to connect with any member, have access to all chat rooms and webcams, offer services to other members, RSVP to parties and add yourself to the guestlist, and participate in the various contents the SDC platform holds.

The Bracelet Program

Swingers Date Club provides a bracelet program for premium members all over the world. This bracelet can be worn in public, particularly during SDC-sponsored events, to enable members to quickly recognize one another. Wearing the bracelet may also entitle you to additional benefits, such as discounts, at SDC-affiliated firms in the travel and leisure industry. Simply log in to your account and select "SDC Promo" to access the "Apply for a Bracelet" option. SDC works with hotels, travel agencies, party planners, and other relevant businesses to provide members with unique savings on a variety of services such as travel arrangements, event tickets, club fees, lifestyle periodicals, and more. Bracelet or promo-code holders can get up to 30% off.

Party Feature

One notable feature of is its party function, which allows users to find nearby swinger events and interact with a friendly community of others who have similar interests. This feature provides a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people in real life, ranging from clubs and gatherings to special events for threesomes and swingers. This is one way for members to get validated and validate other members on the site.

PositiveSwingers Dating Club Drawbacks

With the SDC premium membership benefits that are just unmatched by any other platform, there are a few cons to this site. A large reason that some users hesitate to upgrade their membership is SDC's policy regarding no refunds. The platform also isn't the easiest to navigate, and the mobile app and desktop page are exactly the same. There is no 'matching' feature leaving you to search for yourself, and lastly, there is no video chat option which is a very popular feature on other swinger sites.

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