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Looking for a dating site that caters to all sexual orientations and preferences? Look no further than BiCupid! With over 3 million members and counting, this platform is the world's first, largest, most secure, and most effective dating site for bisexual, bi-curious singles, and bi couples. Whether straight, gay, lesbian, or part of the LGBT community, BiCupid welcomes you with open arms and some flirty winks!

What makes BiCupid so loved?

  • The platform expects many of its members to be shy, new to the scene, and more of them at different stages of discovering their sexual desires.
  • It is a place for anyone considering exploring their sexuality. You can get everything from baby steps to giant leaps and bounds of resources and guidance within the app and website.
  • There is activity going on at any time of the day. Members consistently engaging with the platform earn royalties; we’ll get to that soon.
  • Although it may be a pretty big tease for free members, you can feel better knowing that the users you are talking to are legit and serious regarding their intentions.

PositiveSigning Up for BiCupid

It is easy to appreciate the onboarding process as it’s so simple. Sign up with your email address or active Facebook account, then select the basic prompts like age, phone number, and what you are interested in finding. Lastly, you will choose your unique username and enter in the detailed credentials like location, body type, and what kind of relationship you are currently in. You can upload a photo (up to 26) or skip it and upload one later.

Profile Setup

Next is to fill out your bio or "About Me" section. You can keep it simple or go into detail. When a visitor comes to check out your profile, this bio will be shown to them, and you can change it up at any time.

You are given the option to write a more in-depth and detailed introduction. If you dread this part of making a profile, your best bet is to make your bio more about you and not what you are looking for in a mate. Mention hobbies, guilty pleasures, things you want to try, things you will never try, etc.

The next and final section is where you will take a moment and describe what you are searching for. The more detailed you are, the better.

Once you submit the essential info, you just need to verify your account with the email you provided, and you are all good to go!

Fun Questions

This is a great feature offered by BiCupid that puts you in the hot seat and runs you through a trivia-style questionnaire. Expect questions like favorite shoe style, preferred dinner choice, favorite quote, etc. This feature is fun in a few ways, like refreshing your memory of specific red and green flags while helping the BiCupid algorithm to do its thing.

PositiveFree Membership Featuresy

While it is possible to succeed in finding a match with a free membership, it might not be the most satisfying experience. In short, free memberships allow you to send ‘winks’ to profiles you want to interact with, but your choice is only based on the very basic info you are allowed access to view. The extra detailed bio is only viewable by paid memberships. So free profiles won’t be able to view your in-depth bio either.

If you really want to get your needs met with a free membership, your profile has to be nothing short of spectacular. Mention everything and anything about yourself and what you are all about. Then when paid users search for particular words, and your profile pops up, they can message you, and you are all set to continue convo! With an average, half-ass bio and the basic interests with an unflattering photo is going to do you more harm than good. The only other feature free members have access to is a search by location filter, which is a feature only available with premium memberships on other swinger sites.

PositiveGold Membership Pricing Guide & Features

Compared to the free features, a gold membership goes unmatched. The fact that you are given the ability to not count your daily messages, that’s a win. You have unlimited interaction across the platform. From sending and receiving messages to liking and delivering ‘winks’ everything is unlimited.

Membership pricing is very straightforward with 1, 3 and 6 month options. The 1 month membership fee of $29.95 is pretty steep, the 3 month option, when paid in full comes down to only $19.88 per month, which is much more reasonable. Bicupid does offer a 6 month membership that will cost just under $100 comes down to a mere $15.99 a month. This is affordable but not the cheapest monthly rate that we have seen.

Bicupid Cost

Custom Privacy

Paid members have the ability to customize who can access their profile and who will be blocked from seeing your profile. You are given options to only show your profile to specific age groups, locations, body types etc.


Your typical 'match now' function. With each profile shown, you can either pass or like the profile before seeing the next. This is only available on the mobile app.

Reverse Match

This is BiCupids way of saying “Hey, opposites attract ya know?” The feature is set up like the ‘Spark’ feature but your matches will be completely opposite in terms of certain ‘likes’. This brings you profiles of the same gender that may be interested in different hobbies or interactions. If you are someone that mentions relaxing on your day off (this will most likely be during your questionnaire that you enter this information) and they will show you a profile of someone who would rather go hiking on their day off. Who knows, they might just have the exact same sexual desires as you!

PositiveBiCupid's Drawbacks

The fact that BiCupid is a pretty small niche, it sure does have a very large user base. Many members complain about the profiles that are more ‘bicurious’ than ‘bisexual’. In a serious bisexual community, this can become a nuisance very quickly. Along with the more confused users on the site, the ratio of men to women profiles its very outnumbered by men. The one aspect of the BiCupid platform that stands out the most, is that the mobile application has higher quality and more advanced features than you will get on the desktop version of the site.

PositiveFinal Thoughts

BiCupid is a safe and welcoming community for bisexual singles to meet each other and create relationships. The website's large user base, intuitive design, and powerful communication features facilitate meeting like-minded people and developing genuine connections. The rigorous nature of BiCupid's authentication process guarantees the safety of its users.

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