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PositiveOverall Review

Kasidie, a newer swingers website that caters to the needs of swingers, specifically couples interested in meeting other couples for social events and sexual encounters. The website has an explicit sexual vibe, under the tagline "Sexually Social" and featuring slogans such as "Remember My Name, You Will Be Screaming It Later." As one of the best online portals for swingers, Kasidie offers a range of features to entertain like-minded individuals.

When it comes to getting what you want safely and secretly, AFF is a top platform millions worldwide use! This guide will go over the many features available for paid and free members, the good, the not-so-good, how to navigate the platform, signup and make your profile, and finally, answer some questions frequently asked by users.

What makes Kasidie so loved?

  • The name gives a more high-end and discreet feel to it. Without having the ‘swing’ verb in the site's name, it comes off more like an actual dating site.
  • Out of the many local swinger dating sites, Kasidie has a very large user base that has a majority of younger users and female singles which is very unlikely anywhere else.
  • You can feel better knowing that you are actually interacting with a legit person with a certified 'badge'
  • There are 3 options for paid memberships and all can be paused at anytime.

PositiveSigning Up for Kasidie

Users can sign up as singles or couples and will be asked to rate their interest in various sexual activities using swinger slang terms like "Soft Swap" and "Hall Pass." Members of Kasidie are encouraged to publish explicit photos in their photo albums, and profiles are centered around sexual orientation rather than other lifestyle factors.

A simple photo of yourself including your face (Kasidie is strict about having no children in the photos) You are welcome to censor or blur out your face in the image though. For couples signing up, you have a specific section on your profile that lists "her likes" with "his likes".


Around 40 prompts that ask you to rate how likely, not likely, or willing to try certain sex acts. The rating scale is 0 to 5 and acts to rate can be about sending sexy messages, video sex, kinks, and preferences. You do not have to fill this out right away, you can come back to it later.

PositivePremium Membership Pricing Guide & Features

There is a massive amount that Kasidie offers to their premium members (usually referred to as the ‘Elite’ membership. You have the ability to message any active user on the platform. View a user's entire profile which includes the spicy details that are hidden from free members. A really nice feature to love for paid members is having access to multiple profile galleries. You can add up to four separate photo albums which are labeled standard, exclusive, private, and travel/party. These albums are only available for premium members to view as well.

Before we dive into the very articulate features, let’s chat about the pricing options. There aren’t many local swinger dating sites that offer multiple tiers of memberships. For Kasidie, you can have a basic (upgraded) membership for $9.95 a month. This gives you access to creating a profile, browsing other user’s profiles, sending messages and the ability to enter the Kasidie chatroom.

Upgrade your membership to the next tier which is a premium membership for $19.95 a month. With a premium membership you get all of the features that basic members get along with access to private photos, higher customer service priority, and the ability to create your own group chats.

The highest membership tier is the VIP (or Elite) membership for $29.95 a month. This will give you access to every feature available with unlimited use. Along with this elite status, you are given exclusive VIP insider access to all local swinger events, chat in the VIP only message boards, and the only membership that has the ability to post blog entries for other members to enjoy.

eXXXtra Store

Kasidie not only knows how to play the dating game, they give you everything you need to be fully satisfied. VIP members get access to exclusive discounts and deals in the novelty store. Free members also have access to the eXXXtra store and can purchase all of the naughty toys and products.


This is where you will find the Kasidie event calendar. Since Kasidie allows established swinger groups and businesses to have profiles on the site, you can find the most up to date events and news in your area. The Sexometer feature is located here that allows you to rate your desires on a scale from 1 - 5 pertaining to that specific event.

Becoming a Certified Member

There is a distinct badge that will be displayed on your profile for members to see. This badge gives the ability to prove that the person and profile are 100% legit and confirmed. This is not mandatory and can be earned without spending a penny. If you would like to become a certified member, there are 3 ways to do so:

  • You can take a photo holding a sheet of paper that states your username and the current date. Send your picture (for couples, both pictures) to certifications@kasidie.com
  • If you have a friend who is a club owner or currently has a certified member badge, they are able to vouch for you and certify your member profile
  • Attending a Kasidie party and meeting any of the Kasidie.com employees will get your certification.

PositiveKasidie's Drawbacks

The abnormal and very exciting features make Kasidie a platform that you just have to try. But, the features can only excite you so much especially if the site doesn’t have the specific match you are looking for. With a free membership, the Kasidie site doesn’t really give you much to work with. Since all members have to upload at least one photo to get their account going, this photo is usually very outdated or very misleading to a free member that is unable to see the additional images provided.

Something that some members find as an amazing perk while others find it to be a nuisance, is the photo verification. Kasidie has an advanced system in addition to a manual approval method to ensure each photo follows their community guidelines.

PositiveFinal Thoughts

Kasidie has more to offer than just swing dating if you're looking to branch out and try something new or spice up your hookup routine. The dating service is a great place to meet new people and broaden your horizons because of all the tools it provides for doing both. Kasidie is worth considering if you're looking for a thrilling experience.

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