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PositiveOverall Review

If you're looking for a lifelong partner or just someone to hook up with, 3Fun is the best dating app out there. Its sole purpose is to connect singles with compatible others for couple-swapping activities including threesomes, swingers, and more. Since coming out to the scene in 2016, it is just starting to have a very active user base.

What makes 3Fun so loved?

  • This is the ménage à trois hot spot! All members, free and paid, can enjoy the messaging features.
  • There is a real-time translator tool available for chatting to other members worldwide.
  • Anytime you catch yourself accidently passing on a potential match, you have the option to go back and match with them using the 3Fun 'Pass' feature!
  • Synchronized messaging is the perfect way for poly relationships of 3, 4, and 5+ can all chat within the same account with matches.
  • Not found on too many other local swinger sites, 3Fun blocks any users from taking screenshots of other profiles. This is a win!

PositiveSigning Up for 3Fun

Users of 3Fun are required to upload a photo before they may Like or Pass on suggested profiles, setting it apart from other dating services and assuring that all users are real and seeking the same thing. The signup process has a few more advanced steps you must take before you start searching for matches.

Protection and Privacy

We are going to touch on this first before we get into what exactly is required to get your profile approved by the platform. Back in 2019, the 3Fun app was found to have a very faulty privacy protection for their users. The app turned out to be exposing sensitive data such as real-time location, photographs, chat history, sexual preferences, age, and username of adjacent users.

Researchers from Pen Test Partners revealed that the app leaked accurate location and other personal information. The scenario became more serious when the researchers found out that they could change their GPS coordinates to acquire additional sensitive information within the targeted site.

In response to these findings, the developers of 3Fun took quick action by improving their security procedures and correcting any vulnerabilities on the site. As a result, the app now boasts of more robust security measures than it had in 2019.

Profile Setup

So, now that 3Fun has got their security ducks in a row, they still work hard and take any extra step necessary to keep non-fraudulent spam accounts off of the platform. For you as a member, this requires you to verify who you say you are by uploading a photo. This photo can be hidden from your profile and is just used for security purposes.

Usually swinger dating sites will ask you to confirm your information by responding to the email sent to you. In order to get your 3Fun profile validated and activate your account, you must allow access to either your phone number or Facebook account.

PositiveFree Membership Featuresy

Outshining a majority of the local swinger dating site competition, 3Fun gives all members the ability to send and receive messages! Another feature that free users have access to is being able to view user profile photos, and more than just the first one! But, once you match with a user, you get access to their whole profile photo album.

Since 3Fun isn't focused on finding you the perfect lifetime partner to match with, many current users state that they are pretty successful with a free membership. Other current users with paid memberships state that it is worth the membership price if this is a lifestyle you are more active in and not just on a random Tuesday.

PositivePremium Membership Pricing Guide & Features

So why is there such a divided feeling on the free and paid memberships? Well, while 3Fun isn't focusing on finding you a forever dream partner, it is focused on finding the most compatible couples and eager to join singles that are closest to you and have what you are looking for… All. Of. The. Time. Anytime you are on the 3Fun site, their algorithm is working overtime to find as many fun experiences for you that can be enjoyed asap.

Another reason that there is a divided feeling between free and paid memberships, is the pricing. For just a 1 month premium membership, you are out $30. In comparison, this is extremely pricey for one month. Locking in your 3Fun membership for 6 months is more than a 50% savings. A one time payment of $79 brings you to $13.33 a month. But, just like all other memberships, the price to have a premium membership on 3Fun for an entire year costs $99.99, meaning that your premium membership will cost you $8.33 a month. Comparing this monthly price to other comparable swinger sites, is extremely affordable. Now let's see if the premium features are worth it.

Smash or Pass

3Fun members call this feature by many different names, but it is your typical swipe/match type of feature. You are shown a user's profile that is chosen through an advanced algorithm (based on the information you provide in your own profile) and you have the option to smash the heart button or pass the profile and see the next profile. If the profile that you liked (smashed the heart button) has liked your profile, it's a match! It is also possible that when you heart a profile, it could be hours or days later when they do their 'smash or pass' feature. You will be notified once that user likes your profile.

Synchronized Chatting

This feature is available on quite a few other poly-swinger dating sites. But with 3Fun, they encourage multiple partner relationships to sync under one profile. Meaning a happy 5 person poly relationship can all use the same account on the mobile app and chat together with their matches. This is a feature that can be looked over on other dating sites but is greatly appreciated by larger relationship groups.

Incognito Mode

Any member on the site can receive messages from premium accounts, as a premium member who is on a mission and needs no interruptions, use the incognito feature and browse the site and use the features without letting other members see that you are currently active.

Positive3Fun's Drawbacks

Since the 2019 platform hack, 3Fun has doubled up on their protection and security, but that doesn't make everything 100% safe or private. With many of us keeping our alternate lifestyle behind closed doors, there can't be any risks involved. Aside from this hiccup, 3Fun has a very dense male user base, most likely since there is a majority of couple accounts on the site that the profile is set up under the guys information. The last drawback that has been noted by many members is the fact that 3Fun seems to add a lot of fake profiles to make the platform seem more busy than it is. As a free member, wasting your limited features on a fake account makes for a bad experience.

More Information on 3Funs Security and Privacy Conditions

When it comes to eliminating fake accounts, 3Fun is ahead of the curve because to its innovative use of AI technology. The site brags that its cutting-edge technology is the first of its type. The artificial intelligence system is meant to automatically eliminate fraudsters who utilize photographs that have been altered using Snapchat filters or other similar applications.

Users' concerns about the prevalence of bogus profiles, bots, and scammers on casual dating services have been allayed by the implementation of a new layer of protection. The software may also identify inappropriate or stolen content, such as profile photographs. In addition, 3Fun has introduced a mandatory manual verification method to check each profile. By doing this by hand, we teach AI programs to quickly and accurately identify characteristics and patterns in the data they are given

PositiveFinal Thoughts

If money is not an issue, splurging on a premium subscription is recommended. Becoming a member grants access to premium services such as limitless texting and more thorough searches for suitable matches. It's worth noting, though, that there are still plenty of low-cost ways to meet potential romantic or professional partners.

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